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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Just got to visit the West Coast!
We had an awesome time in California.  Visited Disneyland, the great San Diego Zoo, Hollywood Blvd., Dodgers' Stadium, and finally Laguna Beach!

The highlight of this trip, however, was my niece's wedding!  What a wonderful time we had!
We were able to be a part of a traditional Asian wedding ceremony! 

Here is the groom trying to bargain for his bride.
The wedding party is having him do ALL sorts of crazy things!

Finally, he convinces them that he is her one and only!

We later made our way to LAGUNA BEACH! 

Beautiful Bride!

What a great trip we had!
Thanks to Leigh and Sean, we were able to see many wonderful sights!
We met some wonderful people - the Ie'swere amazing!
The bridal party was ROCKIN'!!!!

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