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Thursday, July 15, 2010


This blog is set up for letting everyone out there know about CHEZ WHIMSY.  I would like to chat about my cutesy items, but I also like to share experiences along the way in this great journey of life.
Chez Whimsy started out as a little dream of mine.  I have always loved creating things!
Growing up, I was always intrigued by anything that was personalized, even if it was just a painted name on a canvas.  The idea of being able to create as a full time job would be a dream come true.  Even though it hasn't gotten quite that far, yet... I am still plugging away!
It all started with these pillowcases and towel.  

Although these were (and still are) a BIG hit, I felt the need to make them better.  So, in comes the embroidery machine. 
I wanted them to look professional! Well, easier said than done!  I am still trying to perfect this craft!  This is a whole lot harder than it looks.  But, along the way, I have really enjoyed creating cutesy things for those precious newborn babies, toddlers, and children.  So, right now, we are focusing mainly on that.  Until of course, the road takes another turn and I am headed in a different direction! 
We recently placed our items on ETSY.  It's been a slow start and I have put countless hours into it, but I just have to keep trying!  I love this!

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